Thank you for supporting Giving Tuesday

November 28, 2023

Thanks to your generosity we were able to meet the most urgent needs of our students. We couldn't make this kind of impact without you. Thank you for your support of Creighton University!

Donors: 396

Total Dollars: $361,125

Whatever our students need, when they need it most.

For Giving Tuesday, an international day of giving, Creighton is highlighting two funds critical to our students' success and well-being.

The Student Emergency Assistance Fund

This fund covers the crises in our students' lives. Gifts to this fund could, for example, help fix a broken laptop. They could support a student who can no longer work due to an injury. They could buy a plane ticket home for a student to care for a sick parent or attend the funeral of a loved one.

The Student Assistance Retention Fund

This fund supports our undergraduate students who would be likely to drop out or transfer without extra financial assistance for tuition, room, meals or other fees.

Your gift will support both of these funds through the Office of Family and Student Support! Small gifts add up fast in these funds. A donation of $10, $50 or $100 will make a difference for students who wish to continue their Creighton journey.

“These two funds are essential. In many cases, a few hundred dollars could be all it takes to keep a student at Creighton.

That means that your gift, whatever the size, could alter the course of someone’s life.

Thank you for your suport. Thank you for being the Creighton our students need."

— W. Wayne Young Jr., BA'93, PhD, Vice Provost for Student Success

Emergency fund recipients

When accident or tragedy strikes, the Creighton community is there for our students. Uses for this fund include: Housing, food and transportation insecurity, emergency travel, property damage, or unforeseen expenses. This fund acts as an emergency safety net to keep students moving forward. Here are some of the ways our students have benefited from the Student Emergency Assistance Fund.


One student was distraught after her backpack was stolen (by a non-Creighton affiliate). This fund helped cover the replacement costs of her books, school supplies and other materials.


When an undergraduate student sustained a serious injury off campus and was unable to work at her on-campus job, the emergency fund helped her pay her dues to remain in her sorority.


This past year, a student learned that a parent had passed away. Emergency funds were used to purchase them a round-trip plane ticket to avoid the financial burden in a time of profound grief.

Student retention by the numbers

In Fall 2023 a portion of this fund was used to pay past due accounts from our students with significant high need. Paying down balances helped 8 working students register for their next semester at Creighton. 

These are some of the costs and fees your gift will help support.


Covers a student's orientation fee.


Pays for a monthly parking pass.


Pays for a month of meals.

“Without the help of these funds, I wouldn’t be at Creighton right now.

Words can’t express how grateful I am to still be here, to get this education, be a part of this community and to get an experience I know I’ll never forget.

To those who make gifts to this fund, I could never thank you enough."

— Ayden Chavez, Class of 2025

The Forward Blue fundraising campaign serves the needs of our students first. You can support our students in any number of ways — whatever Creighton causes live closest to your heart!

Every Gift Matters

We believe that every single act of kindness and generosity adds up to something transformative, that our collective impact knows no bounds. Our donors make gifts ranging from $10 to $10 million, and every gift helps. 

Crowdfunding offers a way for faculty and staff to highlight projects that need additional funding. When a member of the Creighton community has an idea, we can help them make it come to life through crowdfunding. 

Through annual events like Giving Tuesday and Creighton Crowdfunding, we give alumni and friends the chance to come together and make a difference for the University and thousands of tremendous students.